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Microsoft Office apps for iPad get enhanced UI and full trackpad support

The arrival of trackpad support on iPads ushered in a flurry of updates for apps that now use this feature, offering users a laptop-like experience with tablet portability. In an announcement made today, Microsoft said it has updated several of its Office applications for iPadOS to take full advantage of this feature. Likewise, the company has also improved the application interface.

The iPad isn’t exactly on par with a laptop, but it offers a great portable experience for getting things done out of the office. Processing text, assembling presentations and relatively simple graphic design projects is possible on the iPad, but the process was somewhat slow and inconvenient until trackpad support arrived.

In an announcement today, Microsoft revealed that its Word, PowerPoint and Excel applications on iPadOS are receiving new updates that allow them to “make the most” of the iPad’s trackpad support. With this, users can, for example, start Microsoft Word and use the Magic Keyboard trackpad or a mouse to move quickly in the application.

Microsoft points out some uses for this new feature, including quickly highlighting text, selecting cells in Excel, and resizing content on PowerPoint slides. Ultimately, the company says that users will find this new iPad app experience “immediately familiar” if they have already used the software on their PC or macOS.

In addition, Microsoft says it has updated the home screens for these Office applications, as well as adding a new ribbon with feature menus. The company refers to these changes as improvements, saying that they ultimately offer users a new experience with a “cleaner and more modern” layout.

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