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Microsoft Edge update adds a built-in digital coupon tool

Microsoft Edge, the browser the company launched earlier this year, received new features in the latest software update, including integrated digital coupons. According to Microsoft, the browser tool will automatically find and alert the user to any coupons available on a retailer’s website.

A number of browser extensions that provide access to coupon codes are available, some more useful than others, but there is a major drawback: they come from third-party sources. Microsoft is offering its users a new built-in coupon tool that works similarly to extensions, alerting users when a coupon is available for the product they are browsing.

Users can click on a blue purchase tag in the URL bar when prompted to see available coupon codes. Assuming one is available, you can copy and paste it at checkout on the retailer’s website; there is also the option to automatically fill in the codes at checkout.

Microsoft has also launched what it says is a more proactive price comparison tool for Edge. The tool is called Collections and can now show users other pricing options through different retailers when they browse products online. Collections presents users with links to cheaper options.

In addition, Edge received an “enhanced” tab that involves a tab page with new tools related to online shopping. Users who enable the feature will be able to access ‘Offers’, a discount portal and other offers. Microsoft has also added a ‘Daily Brief’ option to see the latest news.

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