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Microsoft Defender for Endpoint finally supports Windows 10 on Arm

Even before Apple released its first Arm-based Apple Silicon, Microsoft was already making attempts to bring Windows to Arm, specifically Qualcomm Snapdragon, computers without much success. In addition to the unimpressive performance, Windows 10 on Arm seemed more like an afterthought that even Microsoft has forgotten over the years. The popularity of M1 Macs, however, may have spurred Microsoft into action, and finally, it brought its Microsoft Defender for Endpoint solution to Windows 10 on Arm, including its own Surface Pro X.

Users may know Microsoft Defender as the company’s original antivirus software, but it is actually a complete security package that encompasses many consumer and corporate features. Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, in particular, is the corporate version of Defender that offers cloud threat detection, breach investigation and response in addition to the usual antivirus and antimalware features.

This has been available for a long time on Windows 10, of course, but not in its Arm version. Microsoft says the time has come to expand this security solution at a time when work is shifting to hybrid systems that include working remotely which, in turn, requires even stronger security measures. And what better device to use when on the go than Windows 10 on Arm, at least according to Microsoft.

With Microsoft Defender for Endpoint on Windows 10 on Arm devices, owners of relatively few Arm 2-based Windows 2-in-1 PCs will have access to the same experience as their x86 equivalents. This includes the integration experience for which the service seems to be quite famous, giving quick access to device inventory, response actions and alerts, just to name a few.

Source: Slashgear

This long-awaited announcement is probably part of Microsoft’s attempt to expand the reach of Defender and not just to Windows. Recently, it developed versions of the antivirus for Linux and even Android, which is not surprising, considering that it depends a lot on these platforms today.

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