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JOHANNESNURG – Johannesburg residents who depend on Metrobus services are being urged to make alternative transportation plans after the bus service’s announcement that their operations will be halted on Monday due to a planned strike by their drivers.

Some of its more than 200 routes around the city will be affected because members affiliated with the union, the South African Union of Municipal Workers and Allies (Demawusa), said they would not report for work, citing a number of complaints, including a standoff on wage increases.

With public schools reopening for the second half tomorrow, Metrobus spokesman Goodwill Shiburi said passengers should prepare for major disruptions.


“It is a pity that we are going to make this strike right at the opening of schools. Under normal circumstances, the Metrobus moves from 14,000 to 16,000 people a day, so on Monday, we expect disruptions to our routes. None of Demawusa’s affiliates will be working, but we hope that other unions that will not be on strike will be able to transport passengers. “

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