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Man stops driving furious in the town square with an incredible flying kick out the window

A heavily smashed car hit Skënderbej Square in Albania yesterday, police said, prompting bold residents to try to physically stop the vehicle in a rage

A man stopped a furious driver in a busy city square, launching a powerful flying kick through the car’s window.

Terror erupted in Skënderbej square in Albania’s capital Tirana yesterday when a car collided with three other vehicles before passing through protective barriers.

The images of the scene show a white vehicle with a heavily dented body stopped in the square.

Suddenly, it begins to reverse, causing a man hanging out of the passenger door to cling to the vehicle in an attempt to stop it.

The car backs up at speed, meandering dangerously close to pedestrians.

Out of no where a man came running towards the motor
Source: Mirror

Members of the public rush to the car and try desperately to stop it by clinging to the windows and doorfronts.

They are unable to hold on to the powerful engine, which manages to escape the package.

Suddenly, a man fires at full speed and launches himself up and into the car first.

The WWE-style physical feat seems to stop the driver on his way.

The heroic kicker, who has been identified as Klodian Elqeni, continues to stomp his feet halfway into the car until other people can join him to protect the vehicle.

The man launched himself through the window
Source: Mirror
Other members of the public then flocked to the vehicle
Source: Mirror

According to A2 news, the driver tried to drive into a vaccination center.

Elqeni told ABC News Albania: “I was pushed by the lives of innocent people, no one deserves to die in Skanderbeg Square for no reason.

“I fell with both feet on his face and he lay down, so they caught him.”

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