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Magic: Legends Addresses Open Beta Launch Issues

Magic: Legends appeared on the cover of Game Informer a little while ago, a game where Diablo-style gameplay and the Magic: The Gathering universe intersect. Since Magic: Legends entered an open beta state last week on the PC, everything from what’s available in the money store to technical flaws has been examined as players start working on their characters and progression centers. Currently, Magic: Legends is only available for PC, but the free game is expected to arrive on Xbox and PlayStation later this year, during its official launch. We recently took a deep dive into the game that you can check out here!

In an open letter on the state of the Open Beta, executive producer Steve Ricossa addresses many of the concerns that have arisen since opening day. You can check the entire card here, and probably should if you are interested in Magic: Legends. The main points highlighted are significant changes and rapid changes that can get things moving in the right direction.

First, performance issues are highlighted. During my time with the game, there were several technical flaws and bugs. They are working on these issues. That is good!

The second issue of monetizing classes was a major problem. Originally, the Dimir Assassin class was only available at the cash store with a low drop rate (or through an obscene amount of gold on the open market). Now, the Dimir Assassin class is being added to the pinnacle of the battle pass (including the free track), so anyone can get it, assuming they play a lot. This is a very radical change from the original monetization model around this special, and welcome, class.

The other important and relevant points in this card involve a simplified tutorial and doubling the rate of dropping new spells for players, reducing the time it takes to enter the real game and allowing players to explore new options in their gameplay much faster. These two are great decisions, as the laborious integration process has made players wander for hours and hours with the basic starting cards wondering when the customization aspect would start. The new card acquisition fees will allow players to experiment more and find synergies of interest as they fight at events.

Magic: Legends has just been released in open beta, but these changes come so fast after launch are promising. We’ll see where the game is in a few more weeks and months!

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