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Lovehoney announce ‘Mindful’ lingerie – a range of underwear made from recycled materials

Lovehoney announces ‘Mindful’ lingerie – a variety of underwear made from recycled materials

If you are looking for new and beautiful underwear, look no further than Lovehoney. They just launched a collection called ‘Mindful’ – which is sustainable and climate conscious, perfect for anyone who wants to make ecologically correct decisions.

The line was made with recycled materials, such as seamless fabrics, renewed lace and regenerated nylon, the materials used would end up in landfills or oceans. Best of all? The cornstarch bag your items arrive in is also compostable.

Mindful comes in a wide range of sizes from 8-26 for women and S-XL for men and is available at Lovehoney now – with prices from £ 12.99 to £ 39.99

Lovehoney Mindful range
Source: Mirror

Saluting the ‘beautiful and environmentally friendly bra set’, a client said, “I’m in love with the spirit behind the lingerie collection”.

Another critic, praising the ‘sexy and comfortable bra’, said: “Tons of clothes go to landfills every year – taking a small step with recycled Mindful products, we can help. Even the label and its cord are environmentally friendly. “

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A third reviewer said: “The best thing is that we can enjoy our love of income and be okay with a little less guilt. My partner loved how the set made my body look. “

A spokesman for Lovehoney said: “Our customers have said they want the option of beautiful and sustainable lingerie made from recycled materials and Mindful is the result. We are excited about reacting to variety and will be launching many more sustainable products as we go. “

Now, we’ve chosen just a few of our favorite pieces, but you can buy the rest at now.

Source: Mirror

Let this lush lace lingerie from Lovehoney’s Mindful collection gently caress your curves.

Made with recycled materials, this fresh mint green set features flattering, floating lace shorts and a racerback t-shirt with soft cups and sexy crossed straps.

Between the soft lace cups, the cross straps irresistibly attract attention to your neckline, while the sash below the bust and the waistband feature the Lovehoney heart pattern, adding elegant details.

Source: Mirror

Feel as good as you look in this eco-friendly, seamless black bra set from Lovehoney’s Mindful collection.

Made from recycled materials, the bra is super-flattering and sexy, while the matching high-leg thong perfectly frames your tush and enhances your waist.

Source: Mirror

Fantastically seductive and super flattering, this seductive lace bra set fulfills all the requirements. Made with recycled materials, both the matching bra and high-leg panties feature bold lock details to ensure you are irresistible from all angles.

While the soft lace cups and keyhole details reveal a touch of your skin underneath, the adjustable bra straps and velcro closures ensure that you feel as good as you look. The straps can be used in the normal style, or you can turn your bra into a running bottom with a quick and easy fit.

The strip below the bust and the waistband feature the mint green Lovehoney heart pattern, drawing attention to your curves and adding an elegant contrast.

Source: Mirror

Feel strong and put your lingerie look on point with this seamless leopard pattern bra set. Made with recycled materials, the bra is super flattering and sexy, while the matching high leg thong frames your butt and enhances your waist.

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