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LOOK: Unions, civil society detonate banks because of unfair practices

Johannesburg – Civil society and some unions on Thursday stretched their muscles against what they called “racist banks” during a protest in front of the Rand Merchant bank in the Sandton CBD.

The protest, attended by almost 3,000 people, saw different civic organizations come together and sing at the same time against structural financial racism and banking bullying.

The protests were attended by EFF, Sanco, ANC MKMVA, Cosas and other organizations and unions.

Ordinary people who lost their homes to the bank also came to show their support for the “racist bank”.

Source: iol

The protest also included prominent members of the society, such as shareholders of the South African Reserve Bank and a former minister. Slogans and shouts saying “FNB MUST FALL,” reverberated all over Fredman Drive.

The banks were also challenged not to freeze the accounts of racist whites, like former apartheid ministers in South Africa. The groups present at the event delivered a memo as a sign of solidarity struggle.

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MKMVA’s general treasurer, Des van Rooyen, said that this event should not be unique, he called on more people to mobilize.

“This event that we have today is long overdue, like the message from MKVA, we say that there is no freedom without financial savings. We need to take stock after 27 years of the so-called freedom, the financial sectors have not been transformed. These are the banks that defended and sponsored the apartheid regime, ”said Van Rooyen.

Source: iol

Van Rooyen urged the government, as the bank’s biggest customer, not to be quiet when blacks continue to be victimized and excluded.

“We call for the nationalization of the Reserve Bank of South Africa (SARB),” said the Black Finance and Banking Association of Makhosini Kharodi of South Africa.

Transform SA president Adil Nchabeleng said he wants to end the corruption allegedly practiced by banks.

“Black people are fed up, you are not going to target us anymore. Banks are quick to liquidate or recover properties belonging to blacks, ”said Nchabeleng.

Tahir Maepa, of the Public Service Trade Union, said the protest was not about individual political parties, but the struggle of blacks as a community.

“These banks are sitting with billions of money that belong to public servants, we were classified and our lives made it difficult not because of anything, but because we are black. These banks are targeting us, we are in an economic war. These bastards are suffocating us, ”Maepa.

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