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Like Epic vs. Apple led us to scream into the future with Zoom

This morning a large number of listeners were able to participate in the legal process of the moment: Epic Games vs. Apple. Because of a user error at the beginning of the audio transmission of this judicial case, listeners were treated to a mass of sounds – screams, screams, music and absurdities. This was because the call was open to all participants.

Like many users in the past year, the people involved in the transmission of this court case must be relatively new to the entire process. Although we have had group calling capabilities for decades, the computer or smartphone based multiplayer meeting is still an old western situation.

With the lawsuit underway, the court received a “motion unopposed for access to trial presented by the Committee of Reporters for Freedom of the Press and eighteen media organizations.” Because of the world we live in today, “given the current restrictions required by the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19)”, the court could “just ensure that public access will include audio that will be provided over the phone line accessing the Court through its Zoom platform. ”

Much like the first Zoom calls from the rest of the world, things started out weird. After about 20 minutes of shouting, the court officials responsible for taking the call figured out how to silence the masses. Now we can move into the future – one where we don’t need to be physically inside a courtroom to witness a trial.

NOTE: This may not have been the first court case to be broadcast to the world with Zoom, but it will be the first court case that many will remember as their initial experience with Zoom on this form. As this case is well known, it will be much easier to expect that any event (including court cases) can be – and should be – broadcast using a system like Zoom. It should be easy – so why not?

Take a look at the timeline below to see what’s going on with the Epic vs. Judicial case. Apple now and throughout the week. This must be interesting!

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