Judge blocks everything for Trump’s niece – for now

A New York judge temporarily blocked President Donald Trump’s niece from publishing a revealing memoir about the first U.S. family.

Mary Trump’s next book, Too Much and Never Enough, How My Family Created the Most Dangerous Man in the World, is due to be published on July 28.

But on Tuesday, a judge granted a restraining order to the uncle of Trump, the president’s brother Robert.

Trump’s lawyers say they will immediately appeal the decision.

“The court’s temporary restraining order is only temporary, but it is still a prior restriction to the central political discourse that violates the First Amendment,” said his lawyer, Ted Boutrous.

“This book, which deals with subjects of great public concern and importance about an incumbent president in an election year, should not be suppressed even for a day,” he continued.

The book is being published by Simon & Schuster and has already reached fourth place on Amazon’s bestseller list before its release.

The Trump family siblings
Source: BBC

A hearing is scheduled for July 10 in Dutchess County, New York.

Trump, 55, is the daughter of President Trump’s older brother, Fred Trump Jr, who died in 1981.

The book claims to reveal “a nightmare of trauma, destructive relationships and a tragic combination of neglect and abuse”.

Robert Trump’s lawyer Charles Harder applauded the decision, saying “the actions of Mary Trump and Simon & Schuster are truly reprehensible”.

“We are looking forward to vigorously litigating this case and will look for as many remedies available by law as possible for the huge damages caused by Mary Trump’s breach of contract and Simon & Schuster’s intentional interference with that contract,” said Harder.

“With the lack of corrective action to immediately stop his blatant behavior, we will continue this case until the end.”

Earlier this month, President Trump said his niece was violating his non-disclosure agreement (NDA) by writing a book.

“She is not allowed to write a book,” he told Axios, referring to a 20-year-old legal document that she would have signed after a dispute over her father’s assets after his death in 2001.

Trump called the NDA “a very powerful person” who “covers everything”.

What does the book say?

The book was scheduled to hit the shelves just weeks before the Republican National Convention, where Trump will accept his party’s nomination to seek a second term.

The memoir will reveal how Trump provided the New York Times with confidential documents to print a comprehensive investigation into Trump’s personal finances.

The exclusive Pulitzer Prize winner claimed that the president had been involved in “fraudulent” tax schemes and received more than $ 400 million in cash today from his father’s real estate empire.

A lawyer for the president and the White House denied the allegations of fraud and tax evasion made against Trump.

An Amazon synopsis of Trump’s book says that the author will define how her uncle “became the man who now threatens the health, economic security and social fabric of the world.”

This is the second book by Simon & Schuster that Trump and his associates are trying to block.

Earlier this month, the U.S. Department of Justice did not receive an injunction to block a memoir from John Bolton, former President Trump’s National Security Advisor.

The room in which it happened should go on sale later this month. One of the book’s claims is that Trump “asked” the Chinese president to help him win the November 2020 elections.

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