Iskra Lawrence Shared Her Perspective On Pregnancy for Those Who Might Struggle with Body Image

In a new video, the lingerie model talked about how she avoided triggers and managed difficult conversations with her doctor.

Iskra Lawrence attends the Los Angeles premiere of Netflix's "Dumplin'" held at TCL Chinese Theatre on December 06, 2018 in Hollywood, California
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Iskra Lawrence, a lingerie model and positive body activist, recently announced that she is pregnant with her first child with boyfriend Philip Payne. Since then, the prospective 29-year-old mother has been updating fans about her pregnancy and the many changes her body is undergoing.

In a new YouTube video, Lawrence shared a recap of his six-month pregnancy journey and how his body image evolved during this period. “As someone who has experienced body dysmorphia and eating disorders, I wanted to talk about recovery and hope to help you feel more comfortable on this journey as well,” wrote the model about the video in an Instagram post.

Lawrence shared that after announcing her pregnancy in November, her social media community immediately asked her, “Are you alright? How do you feel about this new body?”

Since Lawrence has been open about her body image for years, she said she was not surprised by these questions. “One of the main factors that can trigger you is something that is out of control and your body changes in a way you’ve never seen before,” she shared in the video, reassuring fans that these changes are really very natural and normal part of life. and deserves to be hugged.

“I think it’s a really wonderful and positive challenge to get out of your comfort zone and find out how your body is changing and continue to love yourself on this journey, whatever it is for you,” he added.

Lawrence then opened on some of the physical changes she has noticed in her body since she became pregnant – the first being chest acne (a common side effect during pregnancy).

“It’s like all my chest, especially in the slit,” Lawrence shared, adding that it’s the only thing about her pregnancy she’s really struggling to hug.

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🖤I am really struggling… . thought I’d feel so ready to do a gender reveal. I was already indecisive about whether I wanted to know, and I’m so happy we did and we shared the moment with my dad and mom on FaceTime our close friends on thanksgiving and then yesterday with my english family. But that’s it, I haven’t been able to just text anyone the “news” and certainly don’t feel like I can tell the world. I’ve always been so so vulnerable online sharing about my past BD, ED talked about mental health and shared so so much but this isn’t about me. I might be carrying baby P and until now it’s been about my pregnancy experience but this is their life and even though right now I know what gender the professionals have announced that may not be who my child decides to be and it doesn’t feel right to make a big deal about something so personal to them. So Yup I’m gonna be a party pooper because I never want my child turning around and saying why did you decide to share my life online or make it seem like a public service announcement. And of course I support all my loved ones and peers who have gone and shared with the world I just can’t. But that doesn’t mean I won’t be sharing about my experience on this journey and into motherhood and just like these unretouched pics I want to be real raw with you all and make lots more videos. I appreciate all your support and love so so much❤️ Thank you to @ashleyjophoto and the whole team for this magical shoot I’ll treasure forever🙏 @mollyfredenberg @jonmichaelhall @Zoe_sheehy @Lindsaychapinphoto and yes my undie set is😍 @aerie #aeriereal I’m now a size XL and you can screenshot this image and use the app #liketkit #LTKbump #22weeks #preggo #pregnancydiary #babybelly #nophotoshop

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Lawrence also displayed some marks around his stomach in the video. “Maybe they turn into stretch marks, but I’ve had them since before I knew I was pregnant,” she shared, adding that she and her midwife believe the marks may be due to poor blood circulation. During pregnancy, your body’s blood volume increases to help provide extra blood flow to the placenta, Lawrence explained.

Another physical change Lawrence noticed was his bulging belly. While she said she certainly expected her stomach to grow, her belly didn’t “really pop” until she was 16 weeks pregnant, she shared. “You just expect to get pregnant and have a swelling right away,” Lawrence said. But for some women, “it’s a solitaire game,” she explained. “Everyone’s collisions develop differently.”

Finally, the model opened up about how much her love grew during her pregnancy. “I’ve always had a slim waist and an hourglass figure, so I noticed extra padding on my overall body,” she said. Although this is a normal part of pregnancy, Lawrence said he thinks it could also be because she is seriously prevented from exercising.

“I haven’t been working the way I used to,” she said, explaining that she is doing low intensity HIIT exercises, a little jump rope and low impact TRX exercises. Getting used to the change in body, Lawrence shared her desire to become more consistent with exercise, although her workouts look quite different now compared to those she did before she got pregnant.

“Just moving my body, following the movements, tracking my flexibility and all the strength around my groin and pelvis will be really important with birth,” she shared.

Regardless, Lawrence said she is totally fine being a little “softer” overall.

Physical changes aside, one of Lawrence’s most difficult experiences over the past six months has been going to the doctor to confirm her pregnancy, she shared in the video. The first thing the doctor did was ask her to get on the scale – a huge trigger for Lawrence, she said.

Despite her discomfort, Lawrence said she obeyed. “I climbed on the scale and [my weight] was probably like the end of the hundreds,” she shared. Immediately, the doctor began alerting her about her BMI by asking questions about her exercise routine and eating habits, Lawrence said.

“I had to stop [my doctor] and say ‘I take good care of myself, thank you.’ So I kind of ended the conversation, “she said. “I didn’t feel attached to the scale number.”

What mattered most to Lawrence was the fact that she knew she was taking care of her body; no matter what others thought or said, she explained in the video. “I’ve been taking care of myself for a long time. I did it in a detrimental way when I thought that size was everything. And now I listen to my body, love it, nourish it, move it, so we’re all good at this department,” she said.

Lawrence ended the video by saying that she feels “sexier and more beautiful” now than ever. “If you are on your journey to conceive, I am sending you all my love,” she continued. “Just know that if you are not able to [conceive] your body is dignified, it is beautiful and I love you very, very much.”

Watch the future mom share all of her experience in the video below:

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