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iPhone 12 Studio lets you try out colors and MagSafe combinations

Gone is the time when Apple limited its official options to just two or three colors. This year, in fact, almost an overwhelming number of options are offered to iPhone buyers. There are four basic models to choose from, not to mention their different configurations, and a variety of MagSafe cases and wallets to decorate the iPhone. In order to minimize the time you spend online or in stores trying to find out which combination fits your style, Apple has launched a new mobile site that will allow you to mix and match all of these items and even display your masterpiece for the world.

This is not the first time that Apple has created an online tool to help customers decide which color combination they want for their next purchase. Last year’s Apple Watch Studio allowed people to try virtually different strap combinations, something a little more suitable for a stylish wearable. Now, iPhone 12 Studio is offering the same chance, so you won’t have to imagine what specific color combinations will look like.

The site starts by asking you to choose one of the four iPhone 12 models. You can then choose one of the different colors available for each model, a color for a MagSafe case and a color for a MagSafe wallet. The last two are optional, of course, but what good would it do to choose one with this tool?

An interesting aspect of this tool is that it allows you to download the finished combination in a perfect format for sharing on social networks. In fact, the resulting image includes the hashtag # iPhone12Studio, encouraging people to share their creations with the world.

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