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iPhone 12 buyers should be aware of Apple’s MagSafe charging warnings

Apple fans are very excited about the upcoming iPhone 12 models, and one of the interesting parts is that the smartphone has MagSafe charging as the Apple Watch 6 offers. However, there are some potential disadvantages for MagSafe to charge that Apple is warning potential buyers. Apple quietly updated its support document for the iPhone 12 to alert buyers to these potential problems.

One of the potential problems involves the accumulation of heat that can restrict charging. If the iPhone’s battery gets too hot, charging will be limited to 80 percent capacity. For anyone who charges their device overnight, this is probably no big deal. If you’re recharging quickly before leaving for work or an event, this can be challenging.

Perhaps an even bigger problem comes to those with credit cards with magnetic tapes or RFID chips (all credit cards), security badges, passports and key rings. If any of them fall between the iPhone and the MagSafe charger, they can be demagnetized and ruined. This may mean that you will end up standing at a cash register, unable to pay for your purchases or unlocking the front door the next time you go to work. This is a potentially significant problem for many people and, interestingly, Apple has a MagSafe wallet. Still, the chances of getting a credit card between the charger or the wallet and the phone seem slim.

Another issue for those who prefer the leather case is that the charger may leave circular marks on the case. The charger also caused similar damage to the silicon enclosures after just a few days. This kind of damage raises the question of what will happen to the iPhone’s rear window for those who will be without the case over time while the charger is used.

Any potential damage to the rear glass of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro should ruffle the hair of any owner. Apple has already warned that replacing the rear window is extremely expensive, costing $ 449 for the iPhone 12 and $ 549 for the iPhone 12 Pro.

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