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Intel’s 35W 8-Core ‘Rocket Lake’ T-Series CPUs Arrive, Just Not in the US

Low-power 11th Gen Core i9-11900T & Core i7-11700T CPUs hit Europe, Japan.

The latest Core i9-11900T and Core i7-11700T eight-core ‘Rocket Lake’ desktop processors from Intel with a 35W TDP for LGA1200 motherboards are now available in Europe and Japan. But there is no signal of them in the USA yet.

Most performance enthusiasts are eager to get unlocked Intel K series processors with a 95W – 125W TDP that can speed up their clocks and support all the latest technologies. But there are also enthusiasts who prefer low form factor low power builds, but would still like to have CPUs with eight or ten cores and all the latest technologies. Intel usually addresses these users with its T-series processors with a 35W TDP, but sometimes these chips are difficult to obtain.

Intel formally unveiled its low-power eight-core Core i9-11900T and Core i7-11700T ‘Rocket Lake’ CPUs with a 35W TDP along with its high-performance i9-11900K and i7-11700K siblings on March 30, 2021 But unlike the ‘unlocked and released’ K series processors, the new T series products were not immediately available at launch. Fortunately, the situation is starting to change.

Akiba PC Hotline and Hermitage Akihabara report that the new 35W Core i9-11900T and Core i7-11700T CPUs in bulk and boxed versions are readily available in at least four stores in Tokyo, Japan. The most sophisticated i9-11900T model is sold for ¥ 60,478 – ¥ 62,700 with VAT, while the i7-11700T SKU costs ¥ 45,078 – ¥ 47,300 including tax.

Geizhals.EU, a price search engine in Europe, found that Intel’s Core i9-11900T is available in dozens of stores in Austria, Germany and Poland from € 455 with VAT ($ 462 excluding tax). In the meantime, there are no offers for the cheapest Core i7-11700T at this time.

But at the moment, the new Rocket Lake-T CPUs are not available in the U.S. on Amazon and Newegg. In fact, stores are not even taking orders for these pieces. The situation has already led low-consumption SFF build enthusiasts to start a thread on Reddit to monitor its availability.

(Image credit: Intel)

The latest Core i9-11900T and Core i7-11700T processors from Intel really look quite attractive. The CPUs have eight cores with Hyper-Threading, 16 MB of cache, a modern integrated GPU based on Xe and supports up to 128 GB of memory. Intel’s i9-11900T and i7-11700T CPUs have relatively low base frequencies of 2.00 GHz and 1.50 GHz (respectively), but rather high all-core booster clocks of 3.60 GHz and 3.70 GHz ( respectively). When installed on compatible motherboards, they can achieve high frequencies and virtually guarantee great system responsiveness and decent performance in conventional applications (assuming adequate cooling). So while these are definitely niche chips, it is not surprising that the demand for these CPUs is quite high.

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