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Identical Perth twins sharing boyfriend reveal toilet habit

Anna and Lucy do everything together – even sleeping in bed with their mutual boyfriend – in addition to this surprising habit of going to the bathroom.

Two identical Australian twins famous for sharing the same boyfriend revealed their extreme bathroom habit.

Perth sisters Anna and Lucy DeCinque, 35, have given numerous interviews over the years about their close ties and the decision to spend more than $ 250,000 on corresponding plastic surgery.

The duo, who achieved their fame in a combination of 165,000 people on YouTube and Instagram, will share even more details of their lives on the new American reality show Extreme Sisters.

Perth twins Anna and Lucy DeCinque have scored a starring role on a US reality TV show. Picture: Instagram/@annalucydecinque

Anna and Lucy have been dating electrician Ben Byrne, 37, 10 years ago and told the New York Post that they would both marry him if it wasn’t illegal.

“The first night we met him, we both kissed him,” Anna told the newspaper.

“It was great from the start. We just hit it off right away. It is much easier for us to share a boyfriend.

“I don’t care that he comes to kiss Lucy, because then he is going to kiss me.

The sisters have shared the same boyfriend for 10 years. Picture: Instagram/@annalucydecinque
As well as dressing alike, Anna and Lucy like to go to the bathroom at the same time. Picture: Instagram/@annalucydecinque

“He treats us equally. He knows that whatever he does to one twin, he does to the other. “

The sisters are so close that they always go to the bathroom together and measure the food to make sure they are eating exactly the same amount.

“When she goes to the bathroom, I go with her; when she takes a shower, I go with her, ”said Anna.

“You choose and we do. We are never apart. I don’t think we would work without each other. We have separation anxiety. We are connected to each other. “

American identical twins Brittany and Briana Salyer are in a ‘quaternary marriage’ with identical twins Jeremy and Josh.

Also participating in the TLC program are identical American twins Brittany and Briana Salyer.

The 34-year-old sisters from the US state of Virginia are in a “quaternary marriage” and are married to identical twins Jeremy and Josh, 37.

They all got married in a joint ceremony in 2018 after meeting at an annual twin festival.

The two couples live together in the same house, but emphasize that the four never share the same bed.

“I’m just married to Josh,” Brittany told the New York Post. “And Briana is married only to Jeremy. So it’s not that the four of us are married. “

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