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I lost hope in the system – despondent collective rape victim after police ordeal

Cape Town – A woman from Mitchells Plain said she is discouraged from pursuing a rape case after being raped by four suspects and sent from one post to another by the police in an attempt to report the matter.

The 31-year-old woman, who declined to be identified for fear of reprisal, said she is suffering more trauma after being raped, beaten and robbed while visiting her brother in Netreg, Bishop Lavis.

“I was on my way to my brother when the attack happened under the bridge near Kreefgat. It was dark under the bridge when four men approached me. I couldn’t see their faces and I was terrified.

“The incident happened on a Saturday and, on Monday, I went to Mitchells Plain hospital, which is closest to me. There I was taken to the police station and went to the Mitchells Plain police station. However, when I got there, they told me that they couldn’t help because it didn’t happen in the area. I was told to go to Bishop Lavis to report the matter, ”said the victim.

Desperate for help and wanting to report the matter, the woman went to the Bishop Lavis police station and said that even there she was informed that they could not help her.

“When I arrived at the police station and explained what had happened, I was told that they could not help me because the matter was reported to Mitchells Plain and they had to give me a case number.

“I was told that Mitchells Plain should file the case and I should bring a case together. I left Bishop Lavis station without being helped again. I felt helpless and discouraged, ”said the victim.

As a result, the woman said it also took time to obtain the necessary medical care, where the evidence could not be collected.

“The agenda was not taken until the following Friday, almost a week after my ordeal, at the Mitchells Plain police station. I had to go to work with my injuries. I lost hope in the system.

“I heard that the suspects are still walking around the area with the material they stole from me, but no arrests have been made. I can’t go to the police station for an identity parade because I don’t know what they look like, ”she said.

The victim said she relives her trauma every time she has to detail what happened to her.

“I haven’t even received adequate advice yet. I had a counseling session, but every time I talk about it, I relive that trauma, but it still looks like the case is not going anywhere, ”she said.

Police spokesman FC van Wyk said a rape case is being investigated by Bishop Lavis.

“The suspects have not yet been arrested. SAPS prioritizes sexual crimes and victims can report incidents to the nearest police station and the police will contact the relevant FCS where the incident occurred, ”said Van Wyk.

The victim was advised to file an official complaint about the management conduct of Mitchells Plain SAPS for the allegations to be investigated.

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