Huawei could use Mediatek chipsets on its flagship phones from 2021

The Huawei Mate 40, which is expected to debut with the Kirin 1000/1020 SoC, will arrive in October this year.

With the tensions of the U.S.-China trade ban increasing between the two countries, Huawei faced a massive implication of finding a suitable replacement for Google’s services to accompany its smartphones. Now, next year, the company will face an even greater challenge of finding alternatives to the chipset. Since September, TSMC can no longer manufacture SoCs for HiSilicon. Therefore, the company will have to find other options very soon, if it wants to remain in the market. Among Huawei’s options, the one that sounds the loudest is Mediatek. Read also – The launch of the Xiaomi Mi Notebook in India paves the way for Honor and Huawei to follow suit

The main Huawei phones in 2021 would not use Kirin chips

An industry member revealed that Huawei’s top 2021 phones could use a 5 nm chip from a third-party vendor. There are no more detailed details to date. However, the most likely option for supplying chips would be MediaTek. Read also – Huawei leads wearable market in China in first quarter

Note that Huawei, in turn, will have no problems producing the Kirin 1000 and Kirin 1020 chipsets that have been around for a long time. The latter will also be manufactured in a 5 nm process. The source of the leak is talking about Huawei’s main phones for next year, 2021. The Huawei Mate 40, which is due to debut with the Kirin 1000/1020 SoC, will arrive in October this year. Read also – Stable update of Huawei Nova 5T EMUI 10.1 releasing now

In May 2020, the United States government extended its trade ban to Huawei. They added a new rule that prohibits foreign companies from supplying components to Huawei. How American partners play an essential role in chip making. Technically, this prevents companies like TSMC or SMIC (of Chinese origin) from making chips for Huawei.

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