Here’s How You Can Still Play PUBG Mobile in Pakistan [Guide]

It is no secret now that PUBG has been banned across Pakistan due to numerous cases reported against the video game. However, this does not stop fans from playing and are finding different ways to avoid the ban. As we all know, nothing can really be banned from the Internet, as people will always find a solution.

In the case of PUBG, people are using VPNs to circumvent the ban. This increases the ping (delay or latency) compared to what players would normally receive, but it is still playable.

VPNs are usually not good for games, but after a few tests, we found the ones that offer the best results. Here is a quick guide on how you can use VPNs to play.

VPN Master

VPN Master for Android - APK Download

VPN Master is able to provide the best results for online games. While others can also guarantee a low level of ping, VPN Master is completely free, allows unlimited data and has a variety of regions to choose from.

Just download the app from the Google Play Store to get started. Unfortunately, this VPN app does not exist in the iOS App Store, so iPhone users will need to use something else. We have an alternative that people can also use on iOS (mentioned below).

After downloading the VPN Master, you can select between different regions. Selecting Singapore will generally result in the lowest ping (between 100ms-120ms), but you can also select European countries to get a ping between 150ms and 170ms. Don’t worry about trying regions in India or America, as this causes a higher ping, which makes the experience less than ideal.

Now start the game and select the respective region in the game. For example, if you chose a European country on your VPN, select Europe in the game as well to get the best results. Select Asia if you chose Singapore.

As mentioned earlier, you will have between 100ms and 160ms based on the chosen region.

Melon VPN

Melon VPN for Android - APK Download

Melon VPN is a solid alternative that can bring the same results as the VPN master and is also available on the iOS App Store. The user interface also works and looks exactly like the VPN Master.

Make sure to select the correct regions (mentioned earlier) in the app and in the game, to get the lowest ping.

Anyway, we hope that the players don’t have to put up with this for long. The PTA is scheduled to announce its final decision soon and that will decide the fate of the game. Fingers crossed.

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