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Govt depts told to shift websites to NTC to avoid possible cyber attacks

ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of IT and Telecom wrote a letter to all federal secretaries, asking them to change the websites of their respective ministries and departments linked to the National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC) main data center to protect their data and websites. possible cyber attacks.

The IT ministry also asked government departments to change and use all official emails at ‘’.

The letter said that official websites in private domains were exposed to cyber attacks that can result in the loss and leak of sensitive and sensitive data.

The letter was written at the instruction of Federal IT Minister Syed Amin ul Haq on Thursday, who chaired a meeting to review the progress of the federal government’s e-office project being run by the National Information Technology Board (NITB).

NITB developed the e-office application to help government departments stop using paper.

The e-office concept aims to improve internal efficiency in all government departments through electronic administration.

Currently, 16 ministries and divisions have reached level 4 of e-office, which means they are doing their job in a totally paperless environment. The project continues in about 40 ministries and divisions and 107 departments of the federal government.

A senior official at the ministry in question said that all departments would likely reach the level 4 e-office by the end of 2021, as the Covid-19 blockades accelerated the process and highlighted the importance of digitizing all government departments.

The concept of e-office is a global trend, as the physical movement of files and documents is time consuming and requires continuous monitoring of these files and documents from table to table before reaching senior employees for a final decision on them.

Under the e-office program, NITB trained 14,300 civil servants and about Rs300 million were saved annually in the stationary budget, while savings of up to 80% of operational time were seen in departments that have become completely computerized.

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