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Government vows not to let terrorism resurface

The PM says the government is alert to all internal and external threats

  • Sh Rashid says 200,000 to 300,000 social media accounts were created in India in the past 10 days to advertise anti-Pakistan
  • China says none of its citizens were injured or killed in the explosion

Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Thursday that the government is alert to all internal and external threats, adding that the nation has made great sacrifices to defeat terrorism and will not allow the scourge to rise again.

In a tweet, the prime minister said he was deeply saddened by the loss of innocent lives in the damnable and cowardly terrorist attack. He also instructed the Ministry of the Interior to conduct an in-depth investigation into the bomb explosion incident and to consider all aspects of it.

Meanwhile, Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said on Thursday that the suicide explosion at a Quetta hotel, which killed five people and left 11 injured, was carried out to destabilize Pakistan, as enemies were unable to digest your progress.

It was a suicide attack by the country’s enemy’s development forces, to disrupt the peaceful environment in the capital of Balochistan, he said during a press conference.

Sheikh Rashid said six of the 11 wounded were discharged from the hospital after treatment, while two were in critical condition. A forensic investigation is being conducted on the attack and the terrorists have not yet been identified, he added.

The minister said he instructed the chief secretary of Balochistan to investigate the incident. The Interior Ministry has ordered all 22 law enforcement institutions under its command, including FC, Rangers, Coast Guard and others, to remain on high alert, he added.

He said Balochistan and Gwadar are important to the country’s progress. Gwadar is indeed Pakistan’s future, he added.

The minister said outside elements are trying to destabilize and disrupt peace in Pakistan. “About 200,000 to 300,000 social media accounts have been created in India in the past 10 days to advertise anti-Pakistan. Foreign forces cannot see Pakistan’s progress, ”he added.

He said Pakistanis are a great nation that, with the help of its large armed forces and intelligence agencies, has already defeated terrorists supported by foreign forces and will again frustrate all the evil projects and conspiracies that are being plotted in India against the country. . He said that an elected prime minister, a large army and 220 million people are Pakistan’s guardians. “We know how to live and die for this country,” he said. Pakistan’s armed forces won the fight against terrorism after killing thousands of lives, he reiterated.

In response to a question, Sheikh Rashid said that China is Pakistan’s closest friend. The Chinese ambassador has been in Quetta for the past few days and is safe, he said, and has rejected speculation that the Chinese ambassador was at the hotel when the explosion occurred. The diplomat was elsewhere, he added.

China on Thursday, while condemning the car bomb attack at the Serena Hotel in Quetta, confirmed that no Chinese citizens were injured in the attack.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin added that Beijing’s envoy to Pakistan, Nong Rong, was present in the provincial capital at the time of the attack. “The Chinese ambassador to Pakistan, Nong Rong, was leading a delegation on a visit to Quetta on the same day. When the attack occurred, the Chinese delegation was not at the hotel ”.

A statement released by a spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan says: “On the night of April 21, a car bomb attacked a hotel in Quetta, causing many casualties. China strongly condemns the terrorist attack, expresses condolences to the unfortunate victims and solidarity with the wounded ”. “The Chinese ambassador to Pakistan, Nong Rong, was leading a delegation visiting Quetta on the same day. When the attack occurred, the Chinese delegation was not at the hotel. So far, no reports of victims of Chinese citizens in the attack have been received, ”he added.

Japan’s ambassador to Pakistan, Matsuda Kuninori, also strongly condemned the terrorist attack on the hotel’s parking lot in Quetta and expressed his sadness at the loss of precious lives. He expressed his deepest condolences and condolences to the victims’ families and prayed for the speedy recovery of the wounded, said a press release released here on Thursday. “My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims of this terrible incident. Japan condemns terrorism in all its forms, ”he said.

The ambassador also said that the government of Japan is committed to continuing to support the government of Pakistan and its security forces in combating terrorism.

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