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Google tells employees they won’t be disciplined if they discuss wages and working conditions

Google will not prevent employees from discussing payment with colleagues by resolving a complaint filed with the National Labor Relations Board.

Google and its parent company, Alphabet, and contract firm Modis signed a notice on Wednesday prohibiting the company from disciplining workers for discussing wages, bonuses, hours and working conditions with other employees.

“We will NOT say that you cannot discuss policies with other employees,” says the notice, signed by the three parties. “We will NOT discipline you because you exercise your right to discuss salaries, bonuses, hours and working conditions with other employees.”

The notice resolved a complaint filed in February by the Alphabet Workers Union, part of Communications Workers of America, with the NLRB on behalf of Shannon Wait, a contractor who said he was unlawfully suspended after expressing his support for the union on Facebook.

The National Labor Relations Law prevents employers from prohibiting workers from discussing wages or working conditions.

“Weeks after we announced our union, we were able to help a member who came to us after being suspended to get his job back,” said Parul Koul, executive president of the Alphabet Workers Union, in a statement. “Now, in our third month, we have forced Google and its subcontractor to remind all workers at this center that they cannot override their rights.”

Google employees have stepped up their union and organization efforts in recent years. In January, more than 200 workers formed the Alphabet Workers Union after years of unrest, including the recent resignation of AI researcher, Dr. Timnit Gebru. International Google formed a union alliance called Alpha Global, part of the UNI Global Union, in January.

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