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Google Play Pass adds Dead Cells, KOTOR to its growing list

When Apple launched its Arcade subscription service, Google was expected to do the same soon. Unlike the Apple Arcade, the Google Play Pass, in theory, includes not only games, but also applications, although the focus, unsurprisingly, has been on the entertainment side of mobile software. So when Google announced the new members of its growing Google Play Pass family, it’s no surprise that they’re almost all made up of games, ranging from some obscure titles to popular hits like Dead Cells.

The idea behind the Google Play Pass is that you simply pay a fee of $ 5 a month to access some applications and games that would normally cost much more than when purchased individually. For games, it also has the advantage of not having ads, at least for games that offer this paid option, and there is also no need for in-app purchases. Of course, this only works if the list includes desired and highly rated titles and, for better or worse, the list of almost 800 people is a mixed bag.

On the one hand, you have titles like the popular platform game Dead Cells, which would have cost $ 9 plus IAPs without the Google Play Pass. March also saw the addition of the classic Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, more popularly known as KOTOR, a $ 10 port of a PC RPG, Football Manager 2021, the last installment of the simulation series, usually costing $ 9.

There are, however, some lesser-known games, such as EVO ISLAND or Funky Karts. Since February, the Google Play Pass has also added a large selection of educational apps for children, although parents may want to first check out how the Google Play Pass apps match parental controls.

Many will likely point to the sometimes questionable screening process of which apps and games go into the Google Play Pass collection. Not long ago, that list included an application that was discovered to be a carrier of malware. At the same time, the sheer volume of apps and games available in the subscription suggests that you never tire of trying them out without having to pay for them first.

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