Google needs the Pixel 4a to launch now more than ever

Google Pixel 3a has been discontinued and its successor is nowhere to be seen

Google Pixel 4a needs to be launched now more than ever. Just this week, the search engine company officially stopped Google Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL and removed both phones from its online store without any explanation or comment.

It’s been over a year since the launch of Google’s budget, Pixel phones – both were launched in May 2019 at last year’s Google IO lecture. If you think we should have the sequel, Google Pixel 4a, now – you’re right.

Apparently, the coronavirus outbreak delayed the Pixel 4a’s release date, over and over again; Google IO 2020 has been canceled, alternative Pixel 4a release dates have come and gone without the phone being released, and to this day, we’re still not sure if it will be released.

Which is unfortunate, considering the rumors that the device appears to be about to be launched. If you believe in a French price list, an image of several allegedly packaged and sealed Pixel 4a phones, or the recent US FCC and Indian BIS and IMDA Sinaporan certifications, the sheer amount of news suggests that a launch is coming, if it is not imminent.

And yet, we have no official reason for the phone not to come out.

Which is a shame, given the market availability for the Google device: as the outbreak has reduced consumer spending on phones and among a strong line of budget phones launched this year, the iPhone SE 2020 led our choices for mid-range phones reach. We love the Pixel 3a for bringing so many iconic features of the Pixel 3 to consumers at half the price, and that was in a year without a strong, affordable Apple phone.

The Pixel 4a has already had its work cut out and it is now too late for its own party.

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Google Pixel 4a: a mountain to climb

Google has to defend its budget crown with the Pixel 4a, not only against the new iPhone SE, but also the new crop of Moto G8 phones and the main discount vehicles of 2019, such as the Samsung Galaxy S10e and the OnePlus 7T, which are at the top of our list of best cheap cell phones.

Many of these phones have a broader set of cameras than the budget phones of recent years, and while Pixel phones have always held up against phones with more varied photography configurations, this year’s crop has increased with triple and even quadruple arrays of camera. While we liked the Pixel 4’s telephoto lenses, we still love the ultra-wide cameras that appeared on last year’s top phones – and this year’s budget devices.

So we were looking forward to seeing what the Pixel 4a offered that had come from the Pixel 4. But we were also excited about another phone that, being one of Google’s primary phones, would get Android 11 the day it publicly launched – an update prepared to review message management and multiple devices. Since phones (especially non-core phones) are still struggling to get Android 10, we expected the Pixel 4a to become a solution for Android 11 for people who didn’t want to pay too much for a brand-new phone. .

The Pixel 4a could still be revealed soon – as early as next week, as some rumors point to July 13 as the next possible release date. But even so, another suggests that the actual launch of the phone may still be postponed until October. Which would put it alongside the actual launch of the Google Pixel 5.

Not so far that we don’t like the phone, but enough time for the iPhone SE 2020 to solidify its influence – and other competitors like the recently confirmed OnePlus Nord or the supposed Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition to defeat Google.

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