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George R.R. Martin Signs Five-Year Deal with HBO

HBO will remain in the business of George R.R.Martin. The Game of Thrones writer signed a general agreement to develop original programming for the network and its streaming service HBO Max, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The contract lasts for five years and is worth about eight digits.

The deal represents an HBO effort to continue the momentum of Game of Thrones, the network’s most popular and award-winning series of all time. While it is unclear how many Martin projects, if any, will be connected to Game of Thrones, HBO has positioned the writer in a creative leadership role to create more original content and help expand the network’s streaming base through HBO Max.

Prior to this deal, George R.R.Martin already had other television series underway at HBO, as executive producer of adaptations of Nnedi Okorafor’s post-apocalyptic novel, Who Fears Death, and Roger Zelazny’s fantasy novel Roadmarks.

Martin is also connected to projects outside of HBO. Peacock is working on Wild Cards, based on a series of novels written by Martin and others. Author In the Lost Lands, a collection of short stories of adventure and fantasy, is being developed as a feature film, with Paul W.S. Anderson joined the board and Milla Jovovich and Dave Bautista started to star.

In addition, Martin said he hopes to finish The Winds of Winter sometime by the end of this year.

The news comes a week after HBO confirmed its plans to develop three new Game of Thrones spin-offs. The first has the provisional title of 10,000 ships and follows the ancestor of Casa Martell, Princess Nymeria, during events that took place a millennium before the events of Game of Thrones. The second takes place in Flea Bottom, a slum neighborhood of King’s Landing that was featured in the first four seasons of Thrones. The final project is being developed by Roma creator Bruno Heller under the provisional title 9 Voyages. He would follow Lord Corlys Velaryon, also known as Sea Snake.

In addition to these three new projects, there is a lot of Game of Thrones content already available on HBO, including two work projects and a green light series. House of the Dragon is due to start shooting next month, with a premiere in 2022.

Meanwhile, a series of prequels adapted from Martin’s novel “Tales of Dunk and Egg” is also underway, alongside an animated series from HBO Max.

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