Galaxy Z Fold 3 could have Samsung’s first under-display camera

In its quest to ban bezels without resorting to something like pop-up cameras, Samsung has long been said to be working on various technologies. Some of them have already happened, like the delayed fingerprint sensor under the display. One, however, has not yet been realized, but we may not see Samsung’s first implementation of an image sensor under the screen until the second half of 2021 in what could be the most expensive smartphone yet.

Unlike the fingerprint reader, it has not been trivial to move the camera below the screen to free up the space it occupies. Samsung’s commitment so far has been the notorious, but now common perforated cutout, which is practical, but hardly ideal, much less beautiful to look at. According to a Korean news site, Samsung has decided to put its UDC or camera on display not on the Galaxy S21, but on the Galaxy Z Fold 3, which can be launched not before August or September next year.

This gives Samsung enough time to solve the puzzles presented by a sensor under the screen. On the one hand, it must allow enough light to pass through the screen and enter the image sensor to be an effective camera. On the other hand, this region of the screen should also look and function like a normal screen, displaying light and color without affecting the image quality of the camera, especially when it comes to color bleeding.

Samsung’s decision to skip the Galaxy S21 may also be strategic. What better way to display the glory of a UDC than on a device with a large screen? With a camera under the screen, the uninterrupted screen of the next Samsung folding phone will definitely stand out and impress the captive audience.

That said, it is very likely that the price of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will be even higher than this year’s model. Assuming that all rumors are realized, the foldable phone will also have a new stylus technology that will consolidate its place as the successor of the Galaxy Note. And as the Galaxy Note itself proved, it doesn’t come without a cost.

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