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Galaxy Z Flip 2 reportedly delayed, modest Galaxy S21 outlook

Samsung didn’t have a stellar 2020, but then again, no one did, maybe not even Apple. He started to change things to make up for some losses incurred due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on the economy and business, which also included changes to its schedules. Its biggest and most drastic change is believed to be the early launch of the Galaxy S21 next year. It turns out, however, that it could be a solo debut, as the Galaxy Z Flip 2 is being postponed beyond the first quarter of 2021.

This year saw the launch of the Galaxy Z Flip along with the Galaxy S20, the last of which reported having had very disappointing numbers. To his credit, the coronavirus may have been the culprit and served to expand Samsung’s flagship features and excessive prices. The coming year will be different and it looks like Samsung will adopt a different strategy to avoid repeating this year’s events.

According to the latest news from Korean media, the next folding claw will not be premiered at Samsung’s 2021 Unpacked event which, if other rumors are correct, will be in mid-January. The launch of the Galaxy Z Flip 2 is being postponed after the first quarter of the year, with March being the first possible moment. This is perhaps to allow the Galaxy S21 to enjoy the undisputed spotlight, at least not by its own cousin.

As for the Galaxy S21 itself, the same report states that production will begin next month in order to meet the launch date in late January. However, it also claims that Samsung is only producing an initial batch of 6 million units. This total covers the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 + and Galaxy S21 Ultra models, as well as their color variants.

These numbers are not encouraging and Samsung may be trying to play it safe next year. Demand for the Galaxy S20 was quite low compared to the Galaxy S10 last year, which, in turn, was also less than its predecessor. Whether disclosing release dates will work in Samsung’s favor remains to be seen, but the price and features of the Galaxy S21 will be bigger factors to consider. This also doesn’t seem very encouraging, at least based on leaks.

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