Galaxy Watch 3 iFixit teardown is a bit reassuring

Beside our smartphones, no other mobile device can be in more danger of damage or wear than the one that is always exposed to the elements. Smart watches usually come with some IP rating for dust and water resistance and some even have MIL-STD certification for extra robustness. Sooner or later, however, these wearables will need to be repaired and, fortunately, the new Galaxy Watch 3 will not be a big task, even for outsourced technicians.

Fortunately, there are no hidden traps waiting outside or inside Samsung’s latest smartwatch. The back cover uses tiny three-point screws, but they are still no match for the right tool. IFixit notes that there is a sensor cable connecting the rear cover and the main body, but it is not something that will break easily when you remove the cover, at least carefully.

Most parts of the smartwatch are also modular, at least those that can be. The speaker comes out as part of the back cover, while the entire motherboard comes in a disk-shaped piece that is only attached by conventional screws. Even the battery has a soft adhesive and can be removed without applying any dangerous heat.

The only thing that prevented the Galaxy Watch 3 from getting a perfect score was the abundance of sensors on the back cover of the smartwatch. That and the fused touchscreen. This set of sensors is attached under the cover and will require more careful study and removal.

With a score of 7 out of 10, Galaxy Watch 3 is just one notch below Galaxy Buds Live on the iFixit scale. This inspires some confidence in the repairability of one of Samsung’s most advanced wearables, a small warranty that lasts a long time during these uncertain times.

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