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fuboTV now lets Apple TV users watch four sports games at once

FuboTV, a live streaming service that revolves around sports, has announced a new feature for Apple TV users that allows them to watch four programs at the same time. This new feature is a modern version of the old picture-in-picture feature that has been available on many TV models for years, taking advantage of increasing screen sizes and platform features.

The update of fuboTV on Apple TV brings Multiview 2.0, a redesign of the company’s Multiview feature launched last year. In its latest iteration, Multiview allows Apple TV users to increase the number of programs they watch simultaneously from two to four on a single screen.

The company says it has also improved the feature’s customization options and made its interface more intuitive, offering users several ways to access the tool. Users can initially start a program in Multiview using the options menu, for example, then click on “Add Channel” to add two or three other programs to the screen.

Using the press and hold control option, users can also make one of the channels full screen, remove one or two channels, move the channel to a different corner of the screen and switch to a different channel. The feature is being launched now and Apple TV users can expect to see it “in the next few days,” according to the company.

There is an obvious benefit in Multiview 2.0 – you can quickly switch to one program while another is on a commercial break. The biggest benefit is arguably for sports fans, however, who will be able to watch several games at the same time, switching to the one that is most interesting at any time, rather than having to watch one live and DVR the rest.

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