France’s Assa Traore honored for his anti-racism activism at the BET Awards

International activist Assa Traore, whose brother Adama was killed in French police custody four years ago, received the BET Global Good award on Sunday.

Traore thanked BET, an American television channel dedicated to African Americans and minorities, for the award, calling it “an acknowledgment of our struggle”.

“It is an acknowledgment to all victims, to all families who continue to fight for truth and justice,” she said in a video message reproduced during the virtual award ceremony.

The award is “BET International’s recognition of public figures who use their social responsibility and kindness platform while demonstrating a commitment to the well-being of the global black community,” according to the channel’s website.

Before the death of her brother, Traore, who was nicknamed Frenchwoman Angela Davis after the US political activist, she had never been a campaigner for a cause.

But the 35-year-old mother, three children, was thrown into the heart of the global fight against police violence and racism over the death of George Floyd’s police custody in Minneapolis last month.

For four years, she campaigned, organized demonstrations, spoke publicly and gave numerous interviews after alleging that her brother was killed by the police. An investigation is still ongoing.

For a long time, the “Adama struggle” remained an unnoticed local battle outside France. But George Floyd’s death catapulted it into global consciousness.

Thousands of people demonstrated in Paris in early June and hundreds more took to the streets of France against racism.

“In the name of my brother, I will change everything I can change,” Traore told AFP on Saturday.

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