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FOX plans big original content push for Tubi free streaming service

FOX has announced plans to launch a series of original content on its free streaming service Tubi. More than 140 hours of content will arrive this fall, according to the company, and will include animated shows, documentaries and films. FOX targets a variety of genres, including everything from westerns and romance to science fiction and horror.

Tubi is one of several free streaming services; instead of paying a monthly fee, you will have to settle for watching ads. It looks like FOX is planning to step up its streaming service in a big way in the form of originals, including works by animation studio Bento Box Entertainment and FOX Alternative Entertainment.

The chain acquired Tubi about a year ago, propelling it to an offer of more than 30,000 titles, in addition to the newly added live news support. FOX says that Tubi users collectively watched 798 million hours of content during the first quarter of 2021, 276 million of which occurred in March.

The company also notes that Tubi’s audience tends to be considerably younger than those using traditional pay TV, which can make it particularly attractive to brands looking for advertising offers. Although the company has not revealed any titles that come under this plan, it did give some hints on what to expect.

Among other things, the schedule will include things like ‘shark event programming’, vacation specials, real crime shows, paranormal content and the like. Tubi remains available on a large number of platforms, including mobile, Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, Fire TV, the latest game consoles and more.

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