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Fortnite Performance Mode promises a smoother game on weaker PCs

It seems that PC gamers are having a great season this year, sometimes at the expense of their console cousins. The much-criticized flaws in Cyberpunk 2077 seem to largely affect only consoles, and specifically state-of-the-art consoles, such as the PS4 and Xbox One. That said, there are also gaming-capable PCs that can now be a little old or weak to run the latest and greatest titles, but Epic Games is rolling out some changes to ensure that even those are not left out of its cash cow royale battle.

Although it hasn’t received any of the Game Awards medals this year, Fortnite remains a staple in games on almost every platform. On almost all of these platforms, however, the hardware combination is fixed or in a known quantity. Gaming PCs, however, are a very different breed and Fortnite is getting some new ways to ensure that even less powerful computers can still have fun.

A new performance mode is being released in the Alpha version on systems that do not even meet the minimum requirements of the game. Players will be asked to switch to this mode for best results, but they can ignore it or even activate and deactivate it at any time within the game.

What this mode does is to sacrifice visual quality for CPU and GPU performance, which means that the game will run more smoothly, but with less boldness. Since this mode practically means that you won’t need high-resolution textures, players who prefer to stay in this mode forever can also choose to remove those textures and save up to 14 GB of data storage space. You will still need at least 17 GB for the game, of course.

It is definitely a welcome feature that can benefit even those with sufficient computing power, but are not overly demanding with graphics quality. That said, Epic Games still recommends some basic specs, like 6 GB of RAM and an SSD, to ensure a smooth game even in this new performance mode.

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