Fortnite Ghostbusters crossover is the Halloween treat no one expected

Fortnite fans have been presented with another Battle Royale crossover this season with superheroes, Marvel villains and their related skills and henchmen. It appears that this may not be the extension of Epic’s crossover plans, however, with players noticing a subtle but huge lead for a new arrival in the game that is accompanied by a related data miner leak.

Epic recently deployed its Fortnitemares 2020, a seasonal event to celebrate the Halloween season. In addition to the scary skins, candy and scary decorations, this new season brings the arrival of second chance ghosts and the opportunity to win a Nightmare Royale (for being the last person standing, but like an undead).

Redditor “lem09n11” recently shared a screenshot of Fortnite on the FortniteBR subreddit revealing the presence of the Ectomobile (Ecto-1), the vehicle used by Ghostbusters in the popular 80s movie. Adding to that, a well-known data miner recently released a new leak that reveals four future Ghostbusters packages.

Although a leak alone is not sufficient evidence of a future offer, the presence of the almost invisible Ecto-1 vehicle under a tarp (on Cape Cod, for those who want to see themselves) strongly indicates that the leak is accurate and that Ghostbusters will arrive soon in the Battle Royale game.

A big question remains, however, and that is how big a presence Ghostbusters will have during Fortnitemares – whether that is just a drop that will hit the Item Shop and nothing else, or whether we will see Cape Cod temporarily transformed into Ghostbusters destiny. Whatever Epic has planned, it is likely to take effect in the very near future.

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