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Florida woman perplexed by Australian checkout question

American Kaymie Wuerfel was paying for her purchases when the question from a supermarket employee left her “surprised” too much.

An American who lives in Sydney revealed her shock when asked if she wanted a bag at the supermarket checkout – only to pay 15 cents for it later.

Kaymie Wuerfel moved to Australia with her husband and has shared the biggest cultural shocks she has experienced at TikTok.

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While shopping for food at a supermarket, Ms. Wuerfel said an employee asked if she “would like a bag”.

“Of course I would like a purse,” she replied, causing the cashier to tell her that it would cost “15 cents per purse”.

“Fifteen cents … per bag?” was Mrs. Wuerfel’s bewildered response.

She said the woman who worked at the register did not “understand why I am looking surprised” and the expatriate tried “to act like this was normal for me”.

In response, Australians who watched the video explained that charging 15 cents should be a deterrent to using plastic and encourage people to bring their own bags.

“TIP: leave your bags in the car. You never know when you’re going to stop by for last minute food shopping, so always have something on hand, ”wrote one person.

“I’ll take 15c bags in exchange for universal health care any day,” another person commented.

“If you came over a few years ago, bags were free. But we’re busy stopping climate change,” another commenter said.


Other culture shocks Ms Wuerfel said she experienced were realising you “don’t leave tips in Australia” after eating at a restaurant, which she said was the “most amazing thing I’ve ever heard”.

Ms Wuerfel also recalled being asked if she wanted chicken salt for the first time but having “literally no idea what chicken salt is”.

One time her Aussie husband broke his arm and said he would need to go to hospital, prompting her to stress they have to “spend our life savings on hospital bills”.

She reacted with “disbelief” when her husband revealed Medicare would cover all the costs in stark contrast with the US healthcare system.

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