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Fallout 76 Steel Dawn update gets a release surprise

Fallout 76 players are having a nice surprise for the long Thanksgiving weekend, as Bethesda released the Steel Dawn game update earlier. Originally scheduled to be released on December 1st, the update is actually available now, but this was not some kind of planned surprise on Bethesda’s part. In fact, all of this was just a mistake that Bethesda decided to resolve rather than fix.

As Bethesda explains on the Fallout website, there was an error that pushed the Steel Dawn update to Xbox players ahead of schedule. Since Steel Dawn was not scheduled to be available until next week, Xbox players were prevented from playing Fallout 76 after downloading the update.

While the company was trying to find a solution that would allow Xbox players to get back to playing, it came to the conclusion that Steel Dawn was ready to go and didn’t need to be retained for another week. So now Steel Dawn is live for all Fallout 76 players on all platforms. We don’t always see something like this happen, so Fallout 76 players should relish the feeling of an early surprise update while they can.

Steel Dawn presents an important new mission line that involves the arrival of the Steel Brotherhood in Appalachia. They came to the desert to protect the technology before the bombs fell, and players will be able to help them in that effort. Bethesda indicated that players may be able to break with the Brotherhood of Steel’s overall goal in previous posts about the update, saying that players will have to decide how this recovered technology will be used.

Steel Dawn will be the last major update that Fallout 76 will receive this year, but there are still some things to look forward to as we move forward in December. According to a roadmap published last month, players will still have double XP and double scores on weekends until this month, along with the start of season 3 on December 15th. We’ll let you know when Bethesda shares more, but for now, get ready to dive into the Steel Dawn update.

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