EVO 2020 online tournament canceled after allegations against co-founder

The fighting game championship EVO 2020, which was switching to an online tournament due to the COVID-19 pandemic, was canceled after sexual abuse allegations against co-founder Joey “Mr. Assistant ”Cuellar.

EVO 2020, which is expected to include Mortal Kombat 11, Street Fighter 5 and Tekken 7 in an online tournament that is expected to last five weekends starting on July 4, will no longer happen after the developers withdraw their support.

Mikey “Crackpr0n” Pham made sexual abuse allegations against Cuellar on TwitLonger, mainly involving boys in the 90s, and himself in 2001, when he was 18.

The allegations led NetherRealm Studios, Capcom and Bandai Namco to abandon their participation in EVO 2020, withdrawing the games that would be the main attraction of the event.

As more participants also revealed that they would no longer join EVO 2020, Cuellar published a statement that recognizes Pham’s accusations.


The organizers of EVO 2020 released a statement that the online tournament has been canceled and that it is severing ties with Cuellar while placing co-founder Tony Cannon in an interim CEO position.

Refunds will be issued to people who have already paid for EVO 2020, with the organization still promising to make a donation to the Hope Project.

The cancellation of EVO 2020 is the latest consequence of the series of allegations of sexual harassment and abuse that have rocked the gaming industry. Ubisoft, which has hired outside consultants to investigate the charges against several employees, will review its editorial department, among other changes, according to an open letter from CEO Yves Guillemot. Meanwhile, Twitch has begun to suspend streamers amidst these allegations, although it remains unclear whether that is why Dr. Disrespect was banned from the streaming platform.

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