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Elon Musk says the Cybertruck is undergoing “small improvements”

When Tesla first unveiled its fully electric pickup truck called Cybertruck, the design was polarizing, to say the least. The pickup has a body made of stainless steel and is highly angular and looks strange compared to any other vehicle on the market. Some people loved the design; others hated it.

Tesla recently had a conference call about third quarter 2020 earnings, and during the conference call, someone asked Musk about Cybertruck. The CEO revealed that the truck was undergoing “minor improvements” to improve the design seen in the past. Musk did not give details about what exactly was being changed in the truck.

We already know that Cybertruck production cannot begin until the Giga Texas production facility is built, which means that we are probably a long way from seeing the changes. Musk said he had been in the studio with the design team reviewing improvements to Cybertruck. The CEO says Tesla always wants the vehicle they launch to be better than the vehicle they revealed. Musk said it is disappointing when automakers reveal amazing-looking vehicles and the production version is different.

He concluded by saying that he believes the truck will be better than what the company has already shown. Tesla had previously confirmed that the vehicle’s dimensions would be adjusted from 84 inches to close to 82 inches. This would make Cybertruck a little smaller.

Musk also said in the past that the ability to roll down the truck’s rear window and the wall between the cab and the bucket to create more cargo space would be worth considering. Tesla has accumulated about 750,000 pre-orders for the pickup, despite the peculiar style. It is not yet known how many of these reserves result in actual purchases.

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