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Eight policemen injured in policing protest against blockade in London

Protesters launched missiles, including bottles on the march with the presence of Laurence Fox and Piers Corbyn

Eight policemen were injured as they dispersed the crowd during a protest against the blockade in central London on Saturday.

Five people were arrested for crimes that included assaulting police officers, the Metropolitan Police said. They remain in custody on Saturday night.

The Met said that the demonstrators launched missiles, including bottles, during the protest in Hyde Park, which was attended by about 10,000 people.

Two police officers were taken to the hospital, although their injuries were not considered serious, said the Met. Photographs posted on social media showed a female police officer bleeding from a cut on her head, while another suffered a similar injury to her forehead.

John Apter, national president of the England and Wales Police Federation, tweeted: “These policemen are just doing a job. Being directed the way they are says a lot about the society in which we have become. I will continue to do my best to support them, but I need the government to do more, much more ”.

Protesters defied the rules of social detachment to march through central London demanding a ban on vaccine passports and an end to the blockade. They carried banners displaying messages like “vaccine passports = a two-tier society” and “give the flu a chance”. A sign said, “You don’t need proof to know the truth.”

London mayoral candidate Piers Corbyn was on the march.
Source: Theguardian

Some shoppers on Oxford Street were harassed by the crowd and said to “take off the masks”, according to eyewitnesses.

London’s mayoral candidates, Piers Corbyn and Laurence Fox – two of the four anti-lockdown candidates who ran for election in May – were among those who participated in the march.

The protest, which took place almost two weeks after Covid-19’s blocking restrictions were eased, coincided with the UK exceeding the vaccination mark of half its population, with more than 33 million first vaccinations and 11 million doses secondary administered.

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