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EA Play and Xbox Game Pass are getting a big addition next month

EA has announced that the next major addition to EA Play will be FIFA 21. The game will enter EA Play next month on all platforms where the service is available. It also means that FIFA 21 will also be on the Xbox Game Pass list, as Microsoft and EA implemented EA Play on the Xbox Game Pass on the console and PC last year, starting last year.

EA has announced that FIFA 21 will enter EA Play on May 6. The game will be released on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC, which suggests that its next generation update will also be available through the services – good news for FIFA players who have managed to get their hands on a PS5 or Xbox Series X already.

For the uninitiated, EA Play is a monthly subscription service offered for $ 4.99 per month. This is the basic subscription level, so to speak, which offers 10 hours of early access for some new releases, access to the Play List – which FIFA 21 will join – and a 10% discount on EA digital purchases.

EA also offers a premium subscription called EA Play Pro for $ 14.99 per month, which offers the same benefits as a standard EA Play subscription, but adds early access to the deluxe versions of all new EA games. EA also offers what it calls “professional-grade content and rewards” through this tier.

With regard to FIFA 21, EA says that EA Play members will get a 10% discount on purchases like FIFA Points, along with an XP boost at the start of each new Ultimate Team season. With FIFA 21 joining EA Play next month, it could mean that the FIFA 22 announcement isn’t far off, so let’s keep our eyes open to learn more about the franchise.

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