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Dropbox’s new family plan offers 2TB of data and a ‘family room’

Dropbox has announced the arrival of a new family plan that is described as a way to help families keep in touch at a distance. The new plan offers 2 TB of data shared between up to six users, allowing them to upload photos, documents and other files. In addition to private storage, users have access to a “family room” folder, which allows other family members to see what has been uploaded.

Dropbox is, of course, a cloud storage service – usually used by a single person or by companies. The new Dropbox Family plan is different, offering up to six people accessing the same account with a total of 2 TB (2,000 GB) to share between them. The plan has a single monthly price, as expected, which is cheaper than paying for individual plans at $ 16.99 / month.

Users can upload photos, videos and other files, including content from Google Docs. Anything added to the “family room” folder will make it available to everyone who has access to the account. Dropbox explains that this shared folder can be used to share things like recipes and photos with other people located remotely. Personal files, in turn, are accessible only to users who send them.

Dropbox says it includes some other products and features with the Dropbox Family plan that should help users with their exclusive use, including access to Dropbox and Dropbox Vault passwords; this family plan also supports computer backups.

As the names indicate, Dropbox Passwords is a feature that allows users to create and store strong passwords for the various services they use. Dropbox Vault, on the other hand, is an extra security for confidential files – tax documents and the like – that are better stored with a biometric or PIN-protected lock. Finally, computer backups mean that users can automatically sync folders from their Mac or PC to Dropbox.

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