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Daimler Trucks North America opens preorders for fully electric big rigs

Electric vehicles are very common on the roads today, for both SUVs and passenger vehicles. So far, light trucks and large platforms used to transport goods across the country have remained on traditional combustion engines. That will change with several automakers working on light electric pickups, including Ford and Tesla. Semi manufacturer Daimler Trucks North America announced this week that its eCascadia and eM2 big rigs electric platforms are now available for pre-order.

The truck manufacturer says the large platforms will be the most far-reaching commercial EVs for sale in the United States. While orders are open, production is not scheduled to begin until the end of 2022. The electric power train for the eCascadia and the eM2 will come from Detroit, better known as Detroit Diesel.

Detroit calls it the ePowertrain and will offer single or dual engine configurations with up to 23,000 foot-pounds of torque. ECascadia promises 250 miles per charge, with the eM2 promising up to 230 miles per charge.

The truck manufacturer also offers a service for fleet owners trying to use electricity to help them choose options, including charging options. As for the price, this is a mystery for now. However, they will certainly be expensive, as they are normal-sized semi-trucks for commercial transport.

There is no exact indication of how long it will take to charge the batteries of these trucks. Presumably, the batteries are huge, considering that the vehicles are large and have a relatively long autonomy due to their size. Huge batteries probably mean long charging times, which means that these trucks are likely to be better suited for short-haul trucks, where they return to the same place every night to be connected.

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