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Custom $14.5k iPhone 12 edition includes gold sand hourglass

The smartphone customization that takes place at Caviar is absolutely crazy. It has been exaggerated for years. This week, they went into a new dimension. Caviar customized a set of iPhone 12 Pro / Pro Max devices with an American flag, portraits of Joe Biden and Donald Trump and an hourglass inlaid with gold polka dots for “sand”. The starting price for this edition is $ 14,900 USD.

According to the Caviar people, this “is not just a functional smartphone, but a true precious and significant symbol of the century”. They included prints of “50 stars by the number of states and 7 stripes”. NOTE: Apparently, the stripes of this flag are the 7 negative spaces, instead of the 13 (usually red and white are counted), which always represented the original 13 colonies.


Caviar suggests that the two circles on the back of this phone include bas-relief portraits of Joe Biden and Donald Trump “protected by the watch glass”. The “clock”, so to speak, is an hourglass. Time passes by the elements through “golden sand 750”.

The company that made these custom phones has suggested that they will produce this “iPhone 12 Pro Sands of Time” in a limited edition of 46. That’s 46 “by the number of presidents in American history”.

The black bits on the back of the phone are “hardened titanium with durable PVD coating”. If you plan to buy one of these phones, you will receive a “free delivery to your city” as well as a transaction “accompanied by a personal advisor”.


If you decide to maximize the phone’s capacity and size, you will have an internal storage size of 512 GB on the iPhone 12 Pro Max, and its price will be approximately $ 19,050 USD. Take a look at the timeline below to delve into some of the strangest personalized editions of the latest generation electronics we’ve discussed in recent years. Caviar seems determined to stick to its craft here, fine metals and sky-high costs included!

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