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Creating healthy habits for 2021 – daily tips from leading behaviour change expert

Are you thinking of adopting healthy habits for the New Year? Want to know what resolutions you will actually be able to follow? Behavior change expert, Dr. Heather McKee, will share ten days of healthy habits tips – be sure to check daily

You have survived the festive excesses; eating your way through endless meals, cheese boards, sweets and Christmas treats, all washed down with a glass or two of a must drink.

But now the new year is here and despite the 3.0 lock and the temptation to throw in the towel on their resolutions from the start, people are still looking to create healthy habits that will last more than just a few weeks …

Have you ever fallen off the wagon? Well, don’t worry, because in the next ten days, Dr. Heather McKee will share tips on daily habits to help you create and fulfill your New Year’s resolutions.

Don’t forget to check daily for the next ten days!

Healthy Habits Tip #1 Make your first resolution to look for the why behind your habits 

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, we often start by setting ourselves a goal – to lose weight, gain muscle, complete a run in X amount of time, etc.

But if you want to create meaningful changes that you will stick to, you must first dig into the reasons behind why making these changes are important to you at this point. These reasons are your why.

Ask yourself: ‘Pursuing this new habit; how do i want to feel What kind of person does that make me? What does it mean for me to form this habit? ‘

For example, ‘it allows me to be a positive role model for my children, reach my potential in my work, be a positive support for someone who is very important to me in my life, gives me energy and confidence, allows me to give back to my community ‘.

If you can find out why, you can do the how.

Dr Heather McKee  is the UK’s leading lifestyle behaviour change specialist and part of the Healthista Expert Collective. 

Having studied health behaviour change psychology for 10 years, her mission is to offer a sustainable, evidence-based alternative to an industry saturated with quick fixes and health fads.

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