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Craig Wright Can Serve Bitcoin.Org Over Publication of Bitcoin White Paper, UK Court Rules

The change is largely procedural and does not resolve any questions about the origin of the Bitcoin white paper.

Craig Wright, chief scientist at nChain, won a small procedural legal victory in support of his quest to claim control of the rights to the white paper that laid the foundation for bitcoin cryptocurrency (BTC, -10.94%). According to a Reuters report, the London Supreme Court will allow Wright to file a copyright lawsuit against the publisher of, which goes by the pseudonym Cobra.

The thrust of the order allows Wright to deliver the case via generic e-mail, or Twitter, since Cobra is not a recognized resident in the UK. Cobra “did not disclose its name, identity or address, according to court documents issued on Wednesday,” says Reuters.

The move is largely procedural and does not resolve any questions about the origin of the Bitcoin white paper, which is the subject of the complaint and which Wright claims to have written.

Wright’s long list of litigations

Court decisions are the latest development in a legal battle that spans years.

In particular, this process stems from Wright’s widely contested claim that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, author of the Bitcoin white paper, the groundbreaking document that laid the foundation for what is now the world’s leading cryptocurrency. According to Wright’s reasoning, being Nakamoto, no other entity is authorized to host the newspaper. The ethos is at odds with the decentralized and open source nature of Bitcoin. Wright sent a series of cease and desist letters to Bitcoin Core developers, for example, about hosting the white paper.

In response, the newspaper was initially taken down by, given how the legal case would involve time, money and energy, commodities that the group said it did not want to waste in a lawsuit.

Soon after, several companies and organizations decided to present the Bitcoin white paper in solidarity. Among them were Square Crypto, the crypto venture fund Paradigm, the think-tank Coin Center and the Facebook subsidiary stablecoin Novi, among others.

In response to a cease and desist order sent to Square, the Cryptocurrency Open Patent Alliance (COPA) filed a lawsuit against Wright in the United Kingdom over its copyright claims. The Alliance was formed in September 2020 and was founded by Square to collect patents and preserve the industry’s open source spirit.

The ramifications, including those of this process, should force Wright to provide conclusive evidence that he is Nakamoto, something he has not done so far.

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