Coronavirus: stores reopen in Scotland with blocking restrictions

Shops with street access and some workplaces, such as factories, are reopening after a reduction in Scotland’s blockade.

Small weddings and civil partnerships can now be held outdoors and zoos and safari parks may reopen, but only for visitors who live nearby.

The easing of restrictions is the first time that many stores will have customers since the Scottish government blockade took effect on March 23.

Playparks are also being reopened.

The easing of rules on Monday is part of the second phase of the Scottish government’s “route map” outside the blockade.

Additional restrictions are due to be lifted later this week.

Despite the change, the government has asked people to continue to follow the guidelines on social detachment, and Scotland’s national clinical director Jason Leitch said that shoppers should wear facial covers inside stores.

man in mask
Source: BBC

Stores of all sizes can reopen – but only if they have external entrances and exits.

Indoor shopping centers should remain closed for the time being, except where they contain essential stores.

Outdoor markets may also open.

‘Not Boxing Day sales’

Scotland’s national clinical director, Prof Leitch, said: “I look forward to people going to the stores and supporting local businesses, but I want them to do it with facial coverings, with physical distance, with patience, so that they only enter the stores when there is room to do so.

“I think people now understand the nature of what it means to open a store.

“It’s not back to normal. It’s not Boxing Day sales.”

Economy Secretary Fiona Hyslop said the reopening of stores was a “significant step” towards the recovery of the economy, which has been “severely hit”.

“As the main street reopens, we are making it clear that shoppers are welcome back to the local street, as long as they shop safely and observe important safety messages, such as the use of facial coatings.”

Blair Drummond Safari Park
Source: BBC

Now, healthcare facilities, like optometry practices, can also see patients face to face for essential emergency and eye care.

Many practices have continued to provide remote support to patients during the block and during the first phase, but they will now be able to start seeing patients again in person.

“Thrilled to open”

Factories, warehouses, laboratories and research facilities are among the workplaces that can reopen, provided there is guidance on measures of social distance.

However, non-essential offices and call centers need to wait until phase three before they can reopen the team.

Play park in Inverness
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Now it is also possible to go to outdoor sports courts and playgrounds.

Outdoor attractions, such as zoos and safari parks, as well as gardens, can be reopened, but only for local access – “generally 8 km” – until further relief from restrictions envisaged in early July.

The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS), which owns the Edinburgh Zoo and Highland Wildlife Park, along with the owners of Blair Drummond Safari Park near Stirling, was asking for a reopening date before the end of June.

The safari park said the closing of months “led to a financial precipice”.

The RZSS had warned that, missing the start of the summer season, it would lose a total of £ 500,000 in funding for its sites within five weeks – £ 400,000 at Edinburgh Zoo and £ 100,000 at Highland Wildlife Park, near Aviemore, Cairngorms .

Outdoor Weddings

David Field, chief executive of RZSS, said the society was “thrilled” to be able to reopen its attractions.

He said: “Safety comes first and it is important for everyone to follow government guidelines to protect themselves and others.

“At the moment, the current guidelines ask everyone to stay in their local area and define this as something within five miles.

“We are pleased to know that as of July 3, travel guidelines can be relaxed to allow people from other places to visit as well.”

Source: BBC

Civil weddings and partnerships are now allowed outdoors, with limited numbers.

Registry offices can open for high priority tasks.

And restrictions on moving house have also been relaxed.

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