Coronavirus: Czechs hold ‘farewell party’ for pandemic

The World Health Organization (WHO) warned this week that the pandemic was not even close to ending, but in the Czech Republic, a party was held to give the coronavirus a “symbolic farewell”.

Thousands of guests were seated at a 500-meter-long table on Charles Bridge in Prague on Tuesday, sharing food and drinks they had brought from home.

Guests were encouraged to share with their neighbors and there was no social distance, something that people in closed countries will find difficult to relate to.

There were less than 12,000 infections in the Czech Republic, a country of 10 million. About 350 people died.

The event organizer said the celebration was possible due to the lack of tourists in the famous charming city.

Crowds of people in Prague celebrating the 'end' of the pandemic including a street performer
Source: BBC
People sit at a long table on the Charles Bridge
Source: BBC
Musicians perform as diners sit at a gigantic table
Source: BBC

Ondrej Kobza, the party’s organizer and owner of a cafe in the city, told AFP news agency: “We want to celebrate the end of the coronavirus crisis by allowing people to meet and show that they are not afraid to meet, that they are not . fear of taking a piece of sandwich from the neighbor “.

The spaces for the event, which needed to be reserved, were full.

Residents watch live music as they take part in the celebration
Source: BBC

One participant, Galina Khomchenko-Krejcikova, said she found the event on Facebook and “thought it was interesting”.

“I just finished the night shift so I don’t have time to prepare anything,” she said. “But we brought some wine and snacks that we found at home.”

A couple sit at a table on the Charles Bridge in Prague
Source: BBC

The Czech Republic was quick to impose a blockade and managed to avoid the worst of the pandemic.

Last week, the government allowed public meetings of up to 1,000 people. Swimming pools, museums, zoos and castles can now open without limits to the number of visitors.

Restaurants, bars and pubs have been allowed to serve people indoors for a month.

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