Coronavirus: author Michael Rosen said he ‘may not wake up’ during Covid-19 disease

Author Michael Rosen said doctors warned him that “he might not wake up” while he was being treated with Covid-19.

The former children’s Laureate, 74, spent three months in the hospital – 47 days of which they were on a ventilator – after contracting the coronavirus in March.

He told the BBC that at one point the doctors “handed me a piece of paper and said that you have a 50/50 chance”.

After asking “Are you telling me that I might not wake up?”, He said that he was told “‘Yes’, so I signed something”.

The writer We are going on a bear hunt now he is recovering at home with his wife, radio producer Emma-Louise Williams.

She used Twitter to update fans about her husband’s illness, describing her time on the fan as seven “long and difficult” weeks.

Last week, Rosen used the platform to thank health professionals who “saved my life and took me from the horizontal to the lame”.

He added that he would be “eternally grateful” for his “great efforts” since he was admitted to the hospital in March.

The author, who was Laureate for children from 2007 to 2009, is best known for works such as Little Rabbit Foo Foo and Tiny Little Fly.

His 2008 poem, These are the Hands, was written to mark the NHS ’60th anniversary.

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