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Commonry ambassador Ashley Graham reveals why she keeps things real on Instagram

The supermodel said she was never intimidated by sharing candid images, as people “just don’t see these types of photos enough”.

In a sea of ​​Facetune and Photoshop, supermodel Ashley Graham’s Instagram feed is invigoratingly real.

A quick look at his profile – which has 12.6 million followers and counting – and you’ll see everything from selfies mirrored by the star in his panties, beautiful photos of his son breastfeeding Isaac and exercise videos at the gym.

Graham’s infinite reality is part of what makes her so popular with her fans, but has she ever been intimidated by sharing raw photos from her life when it looks like all the other images on Instagram are edited?

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“The short and quick answer is no,” the Commonry ambassador told via Zoom from the United States, speaking in a low voice so as not to wake his sleeping son.

Commonry ambassador and supermodel Ashley Graham. Picture: Supplied.

“I really go back to my younger self, and I think of her and I know that she exists in so many other girls and I think, why would I want to lie to her?

“Why would I want her to see something that is not a reality?”

Not content with being one of the most sought after supermodels in the world, Graham is also a prominent voice in the body positivity movement.

The birth in March of last year did not stop Graham’s pressure to share his real, unedited body in the months that followed.

Graham shared a loving video of her stretch marks and a nude selfie of herself where the model told a follower in the comments that she loves her “big, strong and beautiful body”, just to name a few.

Graham said she wanted to share photos of her body because people ‘just don’t see those types of pictures enough’. Picture: Instagram/Ashley Graham.
The supermodel posted this photo of her stomach after giving birth with the caption ‘same me. few new stories’. Picture: Instagram/Ashley Graham.

Graham said he wanted to share posts from his postpartum body because people “just don’t see these types of photos enough”.

She said: “We don’t see women with millions of followers showing themselves in real reality, I feel.


“I think I showed it because I want the youngest to see it. It is a part of my journey and a journey of many other women and I feel that this is beautiful and deserves as much attention and love as the quote, moments of ‘perfect image’ that everyone sees on social media. “

Her rejection of the outdated “plus size” label is also part of what makes her the perfect choice for her new role as a Commonry ambassador.

Graham said she was a fan of Commonry’s inclusive sizing and the great fit of their clothes. Picture: Supplied.

The Australian fashion brand features inclusive sizes from sizes 10 to 22, something Graham is passionate about – as well as his vintage girlfriend jeans, which she says are her “favorites”.

“We have many of the same values ​​and beliefs, just about being carefully designed and properly oriented, there are no compromises,” said Graham.

“I also really like that they don’t speak like (using) old, outdated language, it’s really, really, about everyone deserving to have clothes that fit, that are chic, that make them feel confident.

Graham believes that while there has been a “monstrous shift” in the fashion industry in making clothes more accessible over the past 20 years, more work is needed.

“It doesn’t just start on the catwalk or in a big fashion (brand), but it goes through education,” she said.

“I really think that schools and fashion programs need to require exclusive design courses, so that all new designers can really understand the need for the diversity of sizes and the graduation that happens when you have to go up in size.”

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