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Comcast’s new Self Protection plan offers cameras and Xfinity integration

Comcast is offering its customers a new home security package that offers the hardware and software needed to protect their homes. The new offer is only available to Xfinity Internet customers who have the xFi Gateway, according to the company, which considers its Self Protection a high quality offer for those who are not interested in professionally installed and monitored alternatives.

The Comcast Self Protection residential security offering is available for $ 10 a month without a contract, according to Comcast, which announced the new subscription on Monday. The plan includes home security cameras and continuous monitoring as part of the fee, which Comcast points out that the seven days of continuous monitoring provide access to full video, not just clips of notable events.


Comcast offers many of the features available through competing services and platforms, including highlights of “key moments” in videos, as well as the ability to watch videos on TV and cell phone alerts when an activity or person is detected. In addition, users can search for old images in search of anything they might be interested in.


Comcast says there are also a number of convenient features available as part of its self-protection that distinguishes the standalone platform plan, including the ability to control cameras with the Xfinity Voice Remote, remotely pausing cameras access to the WiFi network, connecting to the network Someone’s WiFi and xFi Advanced Security protection.

As for the hardware, Comcast says that the security cameras offered as part of Self-Protection can be used both indoors and outdoors and have HD video recording with support for night vision. Up to four cameras can be used as part of a self-protection plan; customers also have the option to purchase cameras for $ 120 each, with Comcast offering a monthly device payment of $ 5 / month for 24 per camera.

Self-protection is an alternative to Comcast’s Xfinity Home service, which is professionally installed and monitored.

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