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Clubhouse download numbers do not bode well for the network

It seems that the Clubhouse time in the limelight is coming to an end. Although his name still has some weight in the social media space, his user base may have started to stagnate. After accumulating millions of downloads earlier this year, the Clubhouse app was downloaded less than a million times last month, suggesting that its growth spurt may finally be over, giving social media giants the chance to take control.

To be clear, the numbers are about downloads of the Clubhouse app, which is currently only available for Android. According to the Business Insider report on Sensor Tower data, this app was downloaded only 922,000 times in April. Although it is still a large number, it is actually a steep drop compared to the 2.7 million in March or the impressive 9.6 million in February.


This does not reflect the actual number of users on the social network. In fact, Sensor Tower says that the retention is really strong, which means that those who managed to enter the network only for guests tend to stay. What this does mean, however, is that the Clubhouse is no longer growing astronomically as it did months ago.

This is not exactly surprising, considering how limited the availability of the Clubhouse is. In fact, it is more surprising that you have achieved this amount of fame, given the limitations of your membership and platform. It was yesterday that it was officially expanded to Android, but only in an even more limited beta test.

Larger social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, are likely to take advantage of the Clubhouse situation to make up for lost time and opportunity. Twitter has just made its Audio Spaces available to everyone and, although it has a difficult requirement to have at least 600 followers, it is still a more open platform, at least for those who wish to tune in to these broadcasts.

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