Chrome OS Dark Mode is finally coming really soon now

Dark mode has been a huge hit in the computer industry in recent years. “It was” because almost all major platforms have already implemented it, in one way or another, except Google’s Chrome OS. As with the Chrome browser itself, Chrome OS support for clear text and dark background content has not been consistent or complete. That may no longer be the case as soon as Google started rolling out a dark mode implementation in progress, now available to more adventurous Chrome OS users.

It may seem like a simple change for users, but there is a reason why dark mode is not so easy to implement. This is especially true when it comes to changing the way web-based content is displayed, since it is outside the direct control of platform and browser manufacturers. Still, it’s been a long time and Chrome OS dark mode may finally arrive in some releases.

Chrome OS actually supports dark themes, but they only apply to certain UI elements, particularly the launcher and the app shelf. The rest of the operating system remained brilliant, but thanks to the Android Police investigation, new flags in the Canary version of the operating system finally turned off the lights. Well, almost all lights, as there are still some parts that remain bright, especially the title bar of the window of many applications.


Some may wonder what is going on with what some consider just a visual change. The dark mode, however, proved to be easier on the eyes, especially when working in poorly lit environments. It definitely helps a lot to increase the accessibility and usability of the software for many users.

That said, Chrome OS’s fully dark mode is clearly still a work in progress. At the moment, it is only available in the Canary version and only if you activate certain flags, at your own risk, of course. Hopefully, developers will be able to iterate the feature quickly, considering how long users have been requesting it for years.

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